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Section 4 - Marketing you Club - Practical Marketing Solutions and Initiatives

Section 4. 20+ Practical Marketing Initiatives for Golf Clubs - Some tried and Tested - Some Original -


There is information on many marketing initiatives throughout the web site. This page offers a summary of the practical solutions and initiatives contained in the full version of S4 that can markedly raise the marketing performance of any golf club. The full version includes proven methods from UK and around the world, implementation of which will raise a club's performance to a level well above competitors. It also includes initiatives that in years to come will be the norm rather than the exception as clubs are forced to forsake 'sticking plaster' methods and raise their game. Some initiatives need work whilst others are very simple. Some are cost free and others require a small initial outlay. All will deliver!


The full section is available in the document that may be purchased from the author via the Paypal link below or on the home page. It provides thought provoking preparation for a marketing meeting and is supported by a 25 item cross-referenced meeting agenda. Together the documents provide an easy to follow road map to a successful marketing and management performance. In addition to those marketing initiatives provided free elsewhere on the site, included in this subscriber section are:


1.  How to determine and use your best USPs.


2.  Developing customer participation.


3.  Improving visitor experience and encouraging loyalty.


4.  Capitalising on course facilities.


5.  Your successful marketing future - Already the successful present elsewhere. Learn how a USA former members-only club now takes $1.2m annually in green fees. ( fully documented here.)


6.  Your professional and his part in your progress. How to improve your marketing and save £15K -£30K nugatory expenditure from an area where you should really be generating substantial income.


7.  Your greens staff and their part in your mission.


8.  Pricing to maximise income.


9.  Building a 'sticky customer' clientel.


10.  How to maximise green fee income.


11.  Best practice in booking facilities.


12.  Payment methods optimised.


13.  Using your assets to best advantage.


14.  Using your biggest local and national marketing spenders to advertise your product free of charge.


15.  Developing the most user-friendly communications.


A Word about Web Site Design. Many clubs have taken up the bog standard template sites designed and furnished by Club Systems International Ltd and powered by HowdidIdo.Com.  As a basic site there is not too much wrong with what they offer but in a marketing context they are seriously behind the times because:


a.  The site is based on images that are slow to load and add nothing from a marketing standpoint. Like most images of golf venues, they could be a field anywhere. They just need a cow!


b.  You get a site just the same as your competitors. It does not meet the basic marketing criterion of making you distinguishable.


c. Potential visitor contact with your club relies on a detailed form the correspondent must complete. People DO NOT LIKE filling in forms and they will cost you business. Check your site statistics regularly. AW stats will tell you how many people have looked at your form and if you compare that number with the number you have actually received you will quickly determine how many couldn't be bothered.


d. There is no contact e-mail address as an alternative to the form. Your contact e-mail address is an essential for optimum marketing performance. Yes, you will get spam, but that is a fact of life you have to endure if you want to perform in the market place.


e.  There is no provision for on-line booking; an essential on a modern site.

Look at the sites of your competitors and match your site against theirs. Ensure that nothing you do on your site has the effect of deterring anyone. If the price of deterring the visitors you don't want is to deter those that you do want; stop doing it!

Remember: If you achieve any marketing advance, you will leap ahead of the almost universal complacency existing in most clubs. Don't be a 'sticking plaster' management team. Solve the problems before they become problems. You can download a .pdf of this page here

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 Note: It is regretted that for ethical reasons we cannot accept a subscription from any club within a 20 miles radius of an existing subscriber, except where a marketing relationship exists between the two clubs.

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