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Marketing Your Golf Club - Marketing Meeting Agenda


Planning Your Marketing Meeting

Not too many years ago I was invited to a marketing meeting at the golf club of which I was a member. The committee member responsible for marketing had decided that he would get together a few interested members to try to improve the performance of the club that was leaking members at the rate of about 20 each year with the consequent drop in revenue, as well as witnessing falling green fees at an alarming rate. I arrived to find one item on the Agenda: finding sponsors for the two tees from which sponsors had been lost. At that time a tee sponsor paid £150 p.a. for which he/she received a plaque on the tee. As a further reward the sponsor received a complimentary 4-ball followed by a meal in the restaurant, a package approaching the price paid for the sponsorship.  Hardly a worthwhile topic, but in fairness, not having any marketing experience, all the chairman could think of. Most golf club marketing meetings fall somewhere between that example and the worthwhile meeting. 

Always providing the committee has taken the trouble to read the pre-meeting paper, the GolfLincsUK Agenda/Topic Guide will ensure that your marketing meeting is structured, and focused on the matters that can improve your marketing performance. It covers all of the important topics detailed in the 8 sections of the package, many of which are available on the site. You can always add other topics peculiar to your situation and it should prompt your committee members to come up with other initiatives that arise out of the unique circumstances at your club. An example of the agenda is below.


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